IATA – Industry for Sun Awning Components and Similars


I.A.T.A. Group srl     Turning ideas into finished products, here at IATA we have been producing our solar shading systems for years. This is our target, as well as to provide not a solution for everyone, but to everyone his solution has made the IATA awnings the right product to adorn buildings with a unique style.
Founded in 1967, the company has distinguished from the beginning as its solar shading systems are synonymous with quality and in-house manufacture Made in Italy. Thanks to experience acquired by the founder and the various design patents he obtained the company has been able in short time to make its product known everywhere, creating a lot of retails in Italy and abroad.

Sede Azienda With a keen eye to modern trends in solar shading field, and above all able to anticipate them, during the years the company has been creating and marketing various models, all in the forefront for technology and comfort, and till today IATA trademark is well-known all over the world.
Behind it there’s Iata technology, which allows to realize external solar shading systems with latest innovations, which complies with the norms for energy saving, which certifies and patents all the models with reliable systems.
Production facilities cover an area of 15.000 m2 : a big space where components and profiles are easily stocked, where we have well-equipped control production methods, where a complete awning system is manufactured safe and effective, where logistic is arranged with ultimate technology and customers are offered very competitive lead times.
A constant development is past and modern history, for the future history tells of investment in people: their passion and ideas will launch forward the company, creating something new and doing it better and better, everything always for our customers.
Less we cannot do.



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